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Job well done

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

24 year old wall tie replacement – a Job Well Done.


This past week, one of our Yorkshire based surveyors, David Gill, attended a wall tie corrosion survey in Leeds. Our client is buying a house over 80 years old.  Naturally, the mortgage company has insisted that a wall tie survey be carried out before contracts are completed.

However, our records showed that Brick-Tie had already been to the house in 1997, twenty-four years ago. Our technicians installed a new remedial wall tie system back then, and we structurally isolated all the old rusting wall ties too. The homeowner’s 25 guarantee, which we issued, has a further year to run.

David was able to inspect the important elements of the work we did. This included checking the type, position and number of remedial wall ties and the status of the old rusting items. The ties we used were still working well, with the stainless steel as bright as when new. The number and position of the ‘new’ ties was spot on too.

A wall tie survey by Brick-Tie surveyor David Gill
David Gill is one of our skilled Wall Tie Surveyors


How hidden defects reveal themselves.

Old rusty ties can cause serious cracking and there were signs that this had happened in the 90’s. Over the decades we’ve seen countless situations where isolation has been missed altogether or incorrectly done by other firms. These hidden defects reveal themselves years later, as new cracks form in the walls. However, close inspection by David revealed that cracking had not continued to cause damage since the ties were ‘isolated’ by us. This was evidenced by completely intact cement pointing of the isolation pockets, with not a crack in sight, even after 24 years of exposure. Truly a job well done!

As a result of David’s survey, and our technician’s skill, the vendor and buyer are delighted. After an initial scare, the prospect of having to replace the property’s wall ties has evaporated – David was able to give the house a clean bill of health.

That said, the walls still required some re-pointing because it had lacked maintenance for a couple of decades. The new owner has plans to install cavity wall insulation to reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions. David recommended that the client have the walls re-pointed first, so that there would be no possibility of rainwater wetting the insulation, via the old cracks in the joints. Wet insulation doesn’t work properly and can damage decorations and cause mould growth.

As Yorkshire number 1 wall tie specialist we are often asked to look at work we did in the past. It is nice to see regular validation of the methods we use and our staff’s workmanship.  If you require any advice about wall tie replacement or wall tie surveys, you can rely on us. Our team have demonstrated professionalism, integrity, skill and great customer service for over 35 years.

Here’s a detailed explanation on what a wall tie survey involves. Call our friendly and helpful team or use our contact page.



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