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Wall Tie corrosion in an Easi Form house in Yorkshire Technical Articles

Easi Form homes and wall tie corrosion

  “Oh no, you don’t need to bother, these houses don’t have wall ties, they’re Easi Form non-traditional”. So said the estate agent when we rang them to arrange access ...
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A timberframe house with very rusty wall ties Technical Articles

Rusty wall ties in timber-frame houses

  Rusty wall ties in post war timber frame houses. Here are a couple of myths: Wall tie corrosion only happens in older traditionally built cavities and, wall tie corrosion ...
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wind induced collapse of a wall in Yorkshire Technical Articles

Sudden wind induced gable collapse

Sudden wind induced gable collapses Over the past thirty years there has been a steady increase in sudden and catastrophic wall collapses. Virtually all these events have taken place during ...
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The business end of one of our Helifix BowTie Technical Articles

What is Lateral Restraint and Strapping?

Technical jargon like Lateral Restraint and Strapping can confuse our clients. Our managing Director has written this short guide: Lateral Restraint I suppose, the term lateral restraint could literally be ...
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The Old Chapel of St Josephs Technical Articles

SockFix Installation in Ancient Buildings – What Needs to be Considered?

SockFix case Study St Joseph’s Presbytery near Preston Brick-Tie successfully repairs a 300-year-old building, through SockFix installation of an anchor system and the Helifix remedial system, without damaging the historic fabric. ...
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Old Farm at Little Stainton Technical Articles

Thor Helical Bars for North Yorkshire Farm

Sympathetic renovations of old buildings and barns are a joy to behold, as well as preserving some of the country’s finest architectural heritage. Old Barn Farm was no exception – ...
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Testing Remedial Wall Ties Technical Articles

Expansion Joint Repair and Installation

Brick-Tie specialise in expansion joint repair and expansion joint installation. One area of growing concern is cracking caused by thermal movement. All building materials expand and contract when they heat ...
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Wall Tie Survey Technical Articles

What is a Wall Tie Survey and What Does a Wall Tie Report Contain?

What is wall tie survey? What are wall ties anyway?  Well, in answer to what are wall ties, it’s best to read the dedicated post on our MD’s blog which ...
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Testing cavity wall ties to BRE329 in Yorkshire Technical Articles

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement – What you Should Know Before the Work Starts

Anyone can install a remedial cavity wall tie and they are available to buy on the internet for a DIY approach. Why is it, that structural engineers, architects, local authorities’ ...
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