Cracking at the wall and ceiling junction

A ‘cracking’ job completed in Leeds

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“We have been very impressed, but we hope our paths don’t cross again in the nicest possible way!” our customer says!


Buying a property can be a daunting and complicated process at the best of times, so buying a house with significant structural defects is not for the faint hearted! This is exactly what our clients did. The problem is now resolved, and they are now happily moving on to the next stage of their planned refurbishment.

Cracking between the wall and ceiling junction
Cracking between the wall and ceiling junction, caused by outward movement due to inadequate lateral support.

Our customer instructed Simba Consultants Limited to survey the Bardsey property whilst they were going through the purchasing process. A report carried out by structural engineer Parminder Singh Syan identified that the late 1960’s build had evidence of structural movement. A limited drains survey highlighted serious problems with the underground drainage. This didn’t put our clients off. Once they had taken ownership, they arranged for the drainage repairs to be carried out. The next job for them was to tackle the other important structural repairs, identified by Parminder. This is where our structural repair expertise came in.

A call to Brick-Tie

The client contacted our office after hearing about us from a friend. An inspection was booked in, and our Helifix approved surveyor and technical director David Gill went along to look at the problems our clients were facing. He took into account Parminder’s recommendations and put together a suitable repair plan, using a range of Helifix products. This was then sent to Parminder for approval.

To our delight, we were instructed to carry out the work and it wasn’t long before our trained technicians were on site working on the project. Craig Tarbotton and Peter Linsell were the lucky technicians to be given this task. Craig is one of our senior technicians, he has over 20 years of experience and knows his stuff when it comes to structural repairs. Both Craig and Pete have a broad spectrum of training behind them, including Helifix training. They were ready to take on the challenge ahead.

Structural Repair Method

The defects had caused cracking to occur throughout the property, both internally and externally. To address the issues a combination of structural repairs were recommended. A Helifix masonry reinforcement system (crack-stitching) was installed to prevent further cracking from occurring. Once installed, this system provides tensile strength and restores the structural integrity to the affected areas.

Helifix Masonry Reinforcement Structural Repair
Image shows a section of wall where a Helifix masonry reinforcement system (HeliBars) has been installed.

Helifix CemTies were required to create a bond between the original structure and rear extension. In addition, under the guidance of Parminder, a suitable lateral restraint system was installed to securely connect the outer walls of the property into the super structure of the house, via the internal walls, floors and roof structure.

As part of our procedure, the restraint system installed was randomly tension tested to ensure it could withstand the mechanical force applied. This rigorous testing is something we undertake on all our lateral restraint and wall tie systems, giving our client the confidence and reassurance, the systems have been installed to a high standard.

Stud and strap lateral restraints securely fixed to the outer leaf section of masonry. Tension testing to the structural repair.
Image showing one of the stud and strap lateral restraints securely fixed to the outer leaf section of masonry. Our calibrated tension testing equipment was then used to ensure the structural repair system has been installed correctly.

All the works were carried out in accordance with the engineers’ drawings and were overseen by Parminder. We are always happy to work under the supervision of your chosen engineer.

Parminder from Simba consultants said that liaising directly with our surveyor David Gill, along with meeting him on site at various stages meant that the project could be carried out smoothly from start to finish. The project was completed to a high standard and the work was carried out diligently by Brick-Tie’s technicians.

David and the technicians said it was a pleasure to work alongside Parminder from Simba Consultants Limited on this project. Simba Consultants specialise in building design, construction, repairs, conversions and extensions and have been around since 1993, providing efficient structural solutions for structures of all different sizes.

Here is what our customer had to say…

“Just wanted to say a massive thanks for all your help and guidance during our works which were a bit more challenging than initially envisaged! A massive thanks also to Craig, Pete and Josie! We have been very impressed, but we hope our paths don’t cross again in the nicest possible way! We would be delighted to recommend you, we have been so pleased with the work.”

The whole Brick-Tie team would like to give a big thank you to our customer for trusting us with this project and for also looking after our technicians whilst they were on site.

Our specialist repair skills can be applied to all kinds of buildings and structures, no job is too big or too small. We love getting stuck into both domestic and commercial projects. If we can help you with an upcoming project, please contact us and we can arrange for one of our knowledgeable surveyors to carry out a survey.



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