Katrina Jackson is Brick-Tie MD

Katrina Jackson takes charge as our new Managing Director,

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

On world women’s day 2022 we are proud to welcome Katrina Jackson into her new role.

Kat’s journey took 16 years. During that time she has gained an NVQ level 4 in leadership and management and learned the business inside out. Moreover she has won the respect and admiration of the whole team. This is due to her excellent work-ethic, combined with a real grasp of what matters in Brick-Tie. Kat puts the team and customers first and always goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is listened to and respected.

She has demonstrated excellent leadership every step of the way; direct and honest in her management style and supportive too. She really does lead by example and we are all delighted she has agreed to lead us.

The MD role was opened by Bryan’s move to the Technical Director seat “This has been planned for quite some time, as part of the succession plans for the company” he said “I’ve watched Kat grow into this role and I have no doubt that she will bring refreshing verve and passion to the job”.

Asked how she feels, now the long-awaited change has happened, she was self-depreciating as usual “I’ve had the best teachers in Bryan and Julie, admiring their care and people-centric attitude to decision making. Just by being around them, I learned so much”, she said. “To be entrusted to lead such a talented and skilled team is an honour. Some employees have never worked for anyone but Brick-Tie, taking on responsibility for their welfare and prosperity is daunting and exciting in equal measure. I aim to reinforce the existing core values as we embark on our new path in Employee Ownership. Of course, having Bryan and Julie alongside to guide us is great, but as Bryan said to us all some years back, “It’s time to wean yourselves off Bryan, and create your own destiny”.

Brick-Tie has a strong foundation which has been 36 years in the making. The people are the business; multi-skilled, friendly; hard-working; supportive and fair to all. In the coming years Katrina’s plan is to further extend Brick-Tie’s services and continue to be a byword for professionalism and integrity. Having some fun and laughter along the way goes without saying – It’s Kat’s way!








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