Wall Tie Corrosion Training in Leeds

Wall Tie Corrosion Facts Explained

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

Our MD Bryan Hindle spent a happy hour going through wall tie corrosion facts with second year Building Surveying students at Leeds Beckett University yesterday.

This session with students in Leeds has become a regular feature of the University’s Building Surveying degree course, at the request of senior lecturer Bev West. Bev is passionate about building pathology and is keen on introducing students to professionals at the cutting edge of the subject and who are engaged in the practical application of both traditional and modern repair and diagnostic applications.

Bryan talks on very many aspects of building pathology, including dampness, condensation, thermography, wall tie corrosion facts and structural and masonry repairs, plus basement waterproofing and timber infestations.

He is happy to tailor his presentations to any of the above and yesterday it was the turn of Wall Tie corrosion facts and specialist structural repairs.

These presentations are designed to give students the benefit of Bryan’s unrivaled technical knowledge and more importantly, a good grasp of the fundamentals, which underpin these subjects He uses a combination of technical references, interspersed with practical case studies ,where different methods, materials and techniques are used to tackle problems. We know the inside track on the leading materials and equipment used for wall tie replacement and structural repairs, like stitching, lateral restraint and masonry strengthening. Bryan introduced the Cintec and Helifix SockFix grouted anchor systems; Helifix Helibars and remedial wall tie systems and of course, plastic stone repair, lime grouting and lime pointing. The growing issue of cracking due to thermal movements was covered too, with case studies on remedial expansion joint installation/cutting and diamond drilling too.

Wall Tie Corrosion Training in Leeds
Presentations by Bryan are never boring…

Bryan enjoys these sessions because he is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing his experience and knowledge. “It’s great to see these young people learning and embarking on a journey in the built environment – if I can pass-on even one little nugget that helps them in the future that’ll do me”

Why Wall Tie Corrosion Facts?

Wall ties corrosion is quite a well known problem but still, many professionals and consumers are unaware of wall tie corrosion facts or the extensive range of materials and masonry repair methods available to resolve problems on site. The case studies in particular are always well received. These include listed and heritage projects like Armley Jail Leeds, York City Walls and Heslington Hall York; post war concrete structures like multi-story tower blocks, No-fines concrete housing and timber frame dwellings; structural defects in new build apartments, barn conversions and commercial office space – plus, very many structural problems, which can and do arise in new build domestic housing.

Site supervision and employee engagement is crucial to Bryan so he tries to drive home the small details, which can make or break a project – careful specification, good supervision and most of all making sure that those tasked with crucial work are well paid, listened to and given great support.

Bryan is convinced this is the best route to quality “Most important work, like wall tie installation or structural repair is not that complicated – yet we’ve seen some truly awful jobs over the years. Basic training is essential, but if the technician don’t care about their work, even the most thorough site supervision will fail. For quality you need great training, good equipment, a supportive management culture and most of all, job satisfaction for those at the sharp end”.

For Continuing professional development, why not call customer services and arrange free presentations on Wall Tie Corrosion facts, Structural and masonry repairs, damp diagnosis and treatment, timber infestations or basement waterproofing? Call 0800 591541 for details.



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