The West Park Hotel, Harrogate

Helifix Masonry Anchors for Harrogate Project

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

Helifix masonry anchors for Harrogate hotel

Our technicians completed essential structural repairs to the façade of Harrogate’s West Park Hotel recently. The Hotel is a well-known historic watering hole in the center of Harrogate, overlooking the park.

Recently purchased by Provenance Inns the site has been re-developed for a grand opening in June 2014, as one of the towns best Restaurants, hotel and bars.

The Brick-Tie team were called in to specify unobtrusive structural repairs to deal with cracked stone lintels and masonry cracking. The clients structural engineer; Trevor Mayes of FR Varley and Co, had worked with us many times before and recommended us to Provenance Inn’s principal contractor; Barnfield Construction.  Barnfield are one of the North’s leading contractors, with a wide range of demanding clients, so we were delighted they chose to trust us to provide a solution on this site. They are members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and this showed, with a very tidy and well run site; keeping this intense redevelopment going forward, with minimal impact for the people of Harrogate.

Our technicians installed the stainless steel Helifix Helibeam masonry strengthening system, Helifix remedial wall ties and completed Helifix crack injection work. The combination of Helifix masonry anchors and our experienced and qualified team made the job run smoothly and safely, with the repairs blended into the facade. Of course looks are not everything and what really matters is the security and reliability of the materials and workmanship. Our MD Bryan Hindle explains “We have a very long relationship with Helifix and have had proven success on lots of quite demanding projects. Helifix masonry anchors and repairs are innovative and very cost effective for clients and our senior technician on this job was Stuart Lattimer; he loves the system, which is always a good sign – he’ll soon tell me if products do not come up to scratch on site”.

Bryan specified the work, with the agreement and guidance of engineer Trevor Mayes and Bryan feels this cooperation is key on structural repair projects like these “This is a huge capital project for any client and it’s no good assuming what has worked on one contract will work on another – each building we work on is unique and if there are structural engineers and others on site, with the relevant knowledge and experience, their input should be sought – teamwork is essential”.

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