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Easi-Fix wall ties for Leeds Housing Estate

Picture of David Gill CSTDB

David Gill CSTDB

David is an experienced Surveyor at Brick-Tie

Brick-Tie recently repaired a post-war estate of timber frame houses using Easi-fix wall ties.

These dwellings are modern looking but they were hiding a serious underlying problem – wall tie corrosion. Surveys revealed that some of the gable walls were leaning out by as much as 50mm.  To make them safe, some re-building was needed.

The cause was corrosion of the metal ties. Structural engineers were called in, and recommended Brick-Tie. We completed an in-depth survey and after discussion with the engineers, agreed on Easi-Fix wall ties as the right solution. This enabled us to reduce re-building to an absolute minimum.

A view of a rusty wall tie in a post war house UK
Fifty years since construction and this tie is corroding badly. Our Easi-Fix wall ties and structural isolation work fixed this!

Broom Nook and Broom Road are post war timber frame construction, built in the 1970’s and now the responsibility of BITMO. BITMO complete regular stock inspections, which revealed the problem. Worse still, the corrosion was compounded by old workmanship issues, leading to low wall tie density and poor tie installation.

Bermar Builders won Principal contractor role and appointed Brick-Tie the contract to tackle the remedial tie installation and testing. Bermar’s own skilled masons handled the re-building aspects.


A cavity wall has moved, revealing a gap
See the gap which has opened after the mortar dropping set? This is due to the poor choice of wall ties in the 1970’s.

Customer care.

These are occupied homes, so careful planning was required to ensure that tenants were safe during the work and that the inconvenience and disruption was kept to a minimum. This depended on close cooperation between Bermar and Brick-Tie. As old friends with a decades long trading relationship, the teams worked seamlessly.

On completion Brick-Tie were complemented by Bermar’s site manager Sean Goaley, for our safe working methods and efficient delivery of the project. He emailed our MD the following;  “Your operatives were always courteous to tenants & Bermar staff. A joy to work with them all. Ryan was always happy to help, we conversed daily, addressing any issues swiftly. Also the response from you and the office team was brilliant”. Thank you Sean!

Brick-Tie were also commended by BITMO, which is a good thing because they have very high standards (and pay our wages).


Wall tie failure in timber frame homes.


This project reflects the importance of high standards when working in tenanted social housing. It also highlights the growing incidence of wall tie corrosion and legacy workmanship defects in pre-80’s post war housing.

In Yorkshire, Brick-Tie is the go-to specialist wall tie contractor for housing associations, engineers, and contractors in this sphere for good reason; we have 37 years of experience in identifying, specifying, and delivering wall tie replacement solutions. Our thanks go to the lovely tenants of the estate, who were so patient and welcoming to our crew – thank you!

For professional installation of Easi-Fix wall tie systems across Yorkshire, call the Brick-Tie team on 0800 591541. You can also use our our contact page




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