Helifix Repaired health spa in Bradford

Crack Stitching in Bradford

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

Helifix crack stitching in Bradford

We recently completed crack stitching in Bradford. This project was via our clients’ structural engineers. They asked Brick-Tie to help with cracks in Bradford University’s health and sports venue on Great Horton Road.

Unique Fitness is aptly named and sits in the heart of the campus. It has everything needed for members to improve and maintain tip-top physical condition. This is because the staff are so well qualified and trained. In addition, their equipment and facilities really are state-of-the art.

Image of a cracked wall to be crack stitched
One of the cracks prior to repair

Sycamore Square Group, are tasked with managing maintenance of the buildings for Bradford University. As part of that remit they identified a need for some masonry repairs and were put in touch with Brick-Tie. This came via Bradford Structural Engineers, Dudleys. Dudley’s have worked with Brick-Tie on many projects across Yorkshire, including high specification structural anchor jobs, remedial wall tie installation and crack stitching.

Specifying the best Helifix repair and working as a team

Brick-Tie surveyor, Dave Gill, carried out a detailed inspection, before specifying Helifix crack-stitching ties. David is a Helifix system trained engineer so he was able to offer options to the client.  The result is a suitable and sufficient repair, guaranteed to last many years.

Planned crack stitching to Bradford wall
Some of the planned crack stitching positions clearly marked in advance

Bermar Building were selected as the Principal Contractor.  They are one of our oldest clients, which is no surprise because Bermar are well respected for quality. They have real passion for construction and it’s always a pleasure to work with such professionals.

Experience counts

This small but important masonry repair was supervised by one of our most senior technicians. Ryan Shann, completed his 21st year of service with Brick-Tie this year.

Now that Brick-Tie are an employee-owned company, Ryan has become a genuine partner in the business, with all of the additional benefits this brings to him and the whole team.

Our thanks go to Dudley’s, Sycamore Square Group, Bermar Building, and the staff and members of Unique fitness (for putting up with the noise).

If you need remedial wall tie work, structural repairs or crack stitching in Bradford and Yorkshire, give our friendly and helpful team a call.


Want to know how crack-stitching works and what it really can do? Watch our technical crack stitching video here



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