Helifix System Approved Engineer, Wall Tie Corrosion Surveyor & qualified damp and timber Surveyor

Helifix System Engineer Dave Gill

David first worked for Brick-Tie back in the 1990’s. As a young man he joined us straight from school as a trainee wall tie technician. He spent his first years learning the basics about remedial wall tie work and structural repairs, before adding chemical damp courses installation and  dry rot & woodworm treatment to his skill set.

Later and through until 2018 he worked for himself, as a successful builder and roofer, working in and around West Yorkshire. When Brick-Tie made a call for new recruits to train in our surveying department, David applied and was welcomed back with open arms. 

In the three years that David has been back with Brick-Tie, he has completed his Helifix Engineer’s course, Property Care Association damp and timber surveyors course, Mental Health first aid course too. He is qualified as a surveyor in timber and damp in building (CSTDB).

This extra training, combined with his vast experience of working on traditional buildings, mean that his technical knowledge is top notch;  you can be assured that he can help you with your structural repair and wall tie replacement needs.

Our customers tell us that David patiently explains exactly what is wrong with their building and how it can be fixed. He does this in understandable, jargon-free language. He’s down to Earth and practical, despite having a head full of technical details. 

David has two children and 3 step children, so he’s a busy man 24/7 (perhaps that’s why he is so patient )! He also enjoys Cinema and walking in the countryside, when he gets the chance.

David Gill's Helifix surveyors certificate
David Gill - trained and certified by Helifix