A collapsed wall caused by wall tie corrosion

Masonry stabilisation video

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

Brick-Tie share our surveying skills on behalf of the Property Care Association.

The Property Care Association (PCA), are the UK’s leading authority of specialist property care. Over the past two years the PCA have published a series of superb videos. These are recordings of webinars they have presented on a wide variety of specialist subjects. In January 2021, Brick-Tie were chosen to present the webinar on wall tie corrosion. Following the success of that video and the excellent feedback it received, PCA asked us back to prepare and present a further webinar in October 2021. This time the subject was masonry stabilisation.


A huge subject condensed into bite size morsels…

The PCA have a large audience for their webinars, which are valued and praised by viewers across the UK and beyond. The diverse audience includes surveyors and surveying students, structural engineers, Architects and specialist contractors. Who better to ensure all were catered for, than our MD, Bryan Hindle? “I love sharing knowledge, but unlike my direct CPD presentations,  I don’t select the PCA’s audience. These webinars are open for all. Thus, I needed to make sure that every level of knowledge and experience was covered” said Bryan. “Viewers have taken time to attend, so I want them to be engaged and enlightened by at least one or two of the issues I cover.  If they can take a real lesson two away, to use in their day-to-day surveying, then I’m chuffed.”

Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, we are delighted to recommend viewing of the Masonry Stabilisation video to everyone; clients, students, engineers or surveyors.

It goes without saying that we hope to help you in practical ways. If you require help with cracks, bulged masonry or related problems across Yorkshire and surrounding areas, contact us via our contact page. You’ll find our team helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.


Want to watch the PCA’s excellent webinars on all subjects and subscribe to more? Visit the PCA’s Webinar page here.



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