Bryan Hindle and Neil Crozier

Helifix Structural Repairs Training in Yorkshire

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

Helifix Structural Repairs Training

Yet more training was in order this week, at Brick-Tie’s Yorkshire head office. Helifix’s Scotland and Northern England Manager Neil Crozier, was on hand to pass on his deep knowledge and expertise on Helifix structural repairs.

Of course, Brick-Tie are one of the most experienced and well known of Helifix’s approved installers. However, we believe that learning never stops. It is always worthwhile taking time to go over fundamentals in structural repairs, as well as staying abreast of new methods and materials.

Our technicians and Neil were joined by our MD Bryan Hindle and general manager Katrina Jackson. This was a full morning of Helifix engineering virtuosity and here’s an explanation of what that involves:

Bryan Hindle and Neil Crozier
Neil Crozier getting animated as he enthuses on the merits of the Helifix structural repairs system

Neil deals with structural repairs and cracked buildings daily. He offers Helifix’s unrivalled structural repairs, methods and materials for structural engineers, surveyors and Architects. Herein lies the synergy between Brick-Tie and Helifix. We are installation and specification experts who know how to repair masonry correctly. We offer Helifix’s unique design liability insurance to clients. Helifix share our philosophy, on quality, training and delivery of bespoke structural repairs.

Read on, to see how we strive to make sure we are always giving clients the best advice. Alternatively, visit our contact page or call our friendly team for advice or a no-obligation survey. Our local numbers include Leeds 0113 232 8433 Sheffield 0114 224 5121 or York 01905 566577

Why do we take time to re-train on something we have decades of experience of?

Our MD sums this up, “I believe it’s a given, that anyone who says they never made a mistake, never made anything” he says, “By spending quality time together sharing best practice, we reinforce the good and weed out the bad. The foundation of expertise is a good grasp of the basics, so that small regular improvements can be made over time. We’ve applied this method for 30 years and it’s one of the things which keep us growing and improving all of the time – it’s fun too” he said.

Bryan Hindle and Neil Crozier
The finer details of Cemties, RetroTies, Helibars and BowTies were explored

Neil wrote a presentation for us, based on one of the CPD sessions he regular presents for structural engineers and Architects. His session extended for well over two hours though; therefore it was much more of a masterclass, than a standard CPD session that would last an hour or so .

Our morning included the ‘hands-on’ realities of installing and testing the suitability of Helifix Structural repairs in a variety of defects and buildings. At one point Neil joked, “It’s odd talking to a room of experienced and skilled guys like you lot – I feel I might be trying to tell my grandmother how to suck eggs!” Bryan quickly Neil that that on the contrary, we are all very happy to listen and learn – which we did.

Naturally, talk turned to stories of jobs done, alternative strategies and shared experiences.

Common threads and tales told included:

  • The value of listening to customers and focusing on their needs, as well as the needs of the building being assessed
  • The stories around the people we’ve worked for and alongside; engineers, surveyors, housing associations, domestic clients and main contractors
  • Health and safety experiences installing the Helifix system, and how we can work safer, for our technicians and others on sites
  • Hints and shared tips about small things, which make certain materials and units work better
  • How we’d solved client’s problems using Helifix products, when others had said it couldn’t be done

Technically we covered:

  • Load paths in structures
  • Modes of failure in masonry
  • Cracking induced by thermal movements, settlement, subsidence, wind loadings and wall tie corrosion
  • Guidance notes on wall tie replacement including BRE 329 and 401
  • The Helifix technical manual

Practically, it was a good session too.

We watched an overview of each of the following Helifix Structural Repairs systems:

  • The thixotropic nature of Helibond grout
  • Expansion joints and the Helifix ‘SlipTie’
  • Helibeam masonry repair systems ‘super six’ six and 4.5mm helibars
  • Helifix Cavity wall ties systems including RetroTie, ResiTie, CemTie and DryFix
  • Lateral Restraint systems including Helifix BowTies HD
  • Helifix Crack-Stitching bars
  • SockFix grouted sock anchors

Read on for further details. If you need technical advice on helifix structural repairs? Visit our contact page or, call Yorkshire’s friendly Helifix approved installer. Here are our local numbers: Leeds 0113 232 8433 Sheffield 0114 224 5121 or York 01905 566577

Bryan Hindle and Neil Crozier
Bryan (left), with Helifix’s Northern area manager Neil Crozier

Naturally, the Helifix structural repairs system leads the UK in this important sector. Helifix materials are the highest quality, the design and engineering back-up is peerless. Thus the Helifix Approved Installer network, combines to offer an unbeatable service. Consequently, Helifix’s design liability insurance scheme is the result of all this effort.

Our thanks go to Helifix and Neil Crozier for a very valuable morning, which everyone who attended took something valuable from.

Helifix Approved Installers
Only Helifix approved installers can issue Helifix structural repairs insurance

Do you need structural repairs or have a concern about cracking?

In conclusion, it is our long term investment in our people that ensures you’ll be in safe hands. From your first friendly contact with our office, right through to survey, specification and repair, we’ll be working for you. Visit our contact page or call us.

Leeds 0113 232 8433 Sheffield 0114 224 5121 or York 01905 566577

Here’s an example of how Brick-Tie employed the Helifix system – Brick-Tie and Helifix to the rescue.

Helifix and Brick-Tie are the first choice for structural repairs across Yorkshire and the North.



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