Cintec Anchor System for Nether Alderley Mill

Cintec Anchoring System for Historic Cheshire Mill

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie

Cintec anchoring system for Nether Alderley Mill,  a 15th century corn mill near Macclesfield, Cheshire.

The Natonal Trust own and maintain this lovely building. Extensive repairs have been carried out during its long restoration and conservation. Specialist engineers have also restored the milling equipment installed in the 18th century. However, firmer foundations were needed, to bear the weight and the cyclical loads the equipment imposes when in motion. The Cintec anchoring system was chosen by The National Trust to securely fix and support the large solid stone plinth the main gear relies on for support.

Cintec Anchor System for Nether Alderley Mill
Looking like something from the Shire in Middle Earth, the wonderful Nether Alderley Mill

Brick-Tie visited Cheshire to assist

Two 65mm diameter pilot holes were carefully drilled down through the foundation stone, into the masonry below (max depth 1600mm). Purpose made Cintec anchors were then carefully placed, before being inflated under pressure using Presstec grout.

Our technician Craig Tarbotton, takes up the story “I love working on very old buildings and consider it an honour to be trusted with such a priceless piece of history”.

What about the practicalities of installing Cintec anchors here?

“Well, the access was quite difficult, and the diamond drilling rig needed to be carefully set-up to get the angles right” says Craig. “Fellow technician Peter Linsell and I, used a water pump to lubricate the drilling rig and lighting was provided by National Trust – they were excellent”.

Job done and technician Craig Tarbotton stands proudly on the steps of The Mill

Why the Cintec anchoring system?

Our MD Bryan Hindle explains “The work was needed to securely fix the footing of the machinery through existing material, there’s no question of removing that and casting a new concrete foundation – that would be sacrilege” he says “But the existing stones where not acting in unison and would eventually be dislodged by the vibration and oscillations caused by milling”. So how did Cintec anchors address that? Bryan continued “The Cintec sock fully encapsulates the anchor and allows the Presstec grout to flow around the anchor and bond it through the stones – in effect it’s as if the stones themselves were cast around the stainless steel anchor body, everything in one homogenous mass, that wont move again”.

Injecting Presstec grout into the Cintec anchor
Another chapter in the story of Nether Alderley mill as we install The Cintec Anchoring System

Nether Alderley Mill, Macclesfield, now has a working historic milling machine for visitors to see in action. Brick-Tie’s Cintec anchors are invisible now, but the strength and stability they have, is loaned to the surround stones for decades into the future.

We’ll leave the last word to National Trust Engineering manager Chris Guffogg ““ Brick Tie were sub-contracted to undertake work to an integral stone block for our historic machinery – one phone call, one quote, one visit & job done, just the way I & the NT like to work.” Thank you Chris!

This is another chapter in the Brick-Tie story and the mill in Cheshire joins many other listed buildings and historic fabric , which have received our expert Cintec Anchoring system installation,. Call any of our local offices above or use our free cintec inquiry line for details 0800 591541

For more information about The Cintec Anchoring system and other structural repair methods, browse this site or visit the following links:

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Even small Cintec anchors are massively strong – this rather shaky video, shot in Scarborough, shows our MD testing a 6mm diameter cintec wall tie to 5KN!

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