Boroscope view of rusty wall tie

Boroscope avoids brick removal

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director at Brick-Tie


Here is one method which Brick-Tie can use when using a boroscope during a wall tie corrosion survey. It’s different because the wall is already filled with insulation. Cavity wall insulation obscures a surveyors view through a boroscope, making wall tie inspection difficult. Therefore, some firms take bricks out to inspect wall ties when they find insulation. That is a bad idea because it causes damage and can be avoided by using a little skill and knowledge.

Watch this video and see just one way a Brick Tie surveyor obtains a great view of hidden rusty wall ties, without the mess and damage brick removal causes.



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