New Wall Ties Technician Joins Brick-Tie

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Managing Director of Brick-Tie

We are delighted to welcome our latest wall ties technician Richard Waite. Richard is a south Leeds lad and a qualified and experienced bricklayer. As with many of our technicians he was recommended to us by an existing employee.

Richard is married with two children and lives near Morley, Leeds. He’s already working hard and just completed working on a Leeds Hotel, replacing bulging masonry and helping stabilise the walls. He worked under the supervision of experienced technician Darren Roberts. Darren has reported that Richard worked well and his trowel skills are exemplary.

Bryan interviewed him and when asked why he wanted to come to Brick-Tie he said “I know some of the lads you have and they always speak so well of Brick-Tie as a great place to work – the stuff they tell me makes me really want to join the company; one where the well being and happiness of employees really counts”.

He’s a super addition to the team, bringing additional skills to add to our already wide skill set. He’s scheduled for further training and will be able to add more skills to his CV over the coming months and years.

He attended our weekly company Boot Camp at David Hudson conditioning this week and this morning was rewarded for his efforts with a surprise can of SPAM. This prize is a delicious and lighthearted present from Bryan, for the person David says tried hardest in the Boot Camp session – enjoy it Richard, you’ve earned it.

The structural repairs, wall tie work, damp proofing and waterproofing work we do needs dedicated staff who are diligent and responsible. To help engender this in employees, employers must demonstrate that they too are diligent, honest and responsible by caring for their staff. These are our company values, which lead to credible and high quality results for the customers who pay our wages.

Welcome aboard Richard.

Clients should look out for Richard on residential and commercial sites and say hello if you get the chance. Call customer services on the above numbers for help and advice on wall ties, damp and structural repairs.


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